I think I will go abroad I want to go again Thailand.

I think I will go abroad I want to go again Thailand. In the summer of the university in the fourth year, after finishing employment work, I went with my friend on my first overseas trip. This trip is terribly memorable. I think that there was something that was the first time, but anyway I could not prepare at all. I was asking a travel agency with a cheap airline ticket, but the ticket was secured The contact was entered the day before departure! I thought whether there was such a thing. Because of that, to be prepared from there. We bought the necessary items, entered insurance, prepared a baht at the bank, and managed to start departing early next morning. That's why the plans after reaching the site are almost impossible. So I remember deciding it properly while reading the way of the earth walking in the airplane to go. However, it was still lack of study at all, and continued to have a lot of experience. Specifically, it is good to first decide where to get off this airplane in order to go to a nearby cheap city, when you get off the plane first, well, the country of Thailand is extraordinary in time, the time Looking at the table, it was long time that the bus was over. When I was worried about what to do there, the fact that the bus that should have finished had started departing has come into sight. We rushed hastily and we managed to arrive at our destination. To jump on is not a metaphorical expression, but I got on to the bus that I really started running. With such a situation, it was a pretty messy journey, when I looked at the pictures, my face was hurting every day, the end was only in a state I wanted to go home exhausted, but now it is a very good feeling It is. Well I want to go again. What kind of trip would it be now?

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